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fade-leftfade-rightWe’re Giving Away Over $12,500+ In Cash Prizes!!!

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  • Monday, 2nd June
  • 12:00:00 Los Angeles
  • 20:00:00 London
  • 15:00:00 New York

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First things first, thanks so much for your interest in supporting NeoTuts ( launching June 2nd, 2014).

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NeoTuts is my first big launch using JVZoo. I used to use Warriorplus to sell products and even got 5 of my best-selling ones featured as WSO Of The Day. Here’s a screenshot of my W+ account:


It’s our mission, with your help, to make the NeoTuts launch the biggest launch of 2014 yet. We’re doing everything possible to make that happen.

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What we do has become a REAL life changer for many.

In the last couple of years, our private community has grown to 5000+ and lots of our students have reported some amazing results!

Now with the launch of our newest membership program – NeoTuts – our goal is to help another 5,000 students this year!

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Step 3: Win Our Affiliate Cash Prizes

fade-leftfade-rightContest #1: Control Your Own Destiny (EVERGREEN)

  • 500 Sales - $1000 Cash Prize

  • 250 Sales - $500 Cash Prize

  • 100 Sales - $250 Cash Prize

fade-leftfade-rightContest #2: Most Sales (Starts on June, 2nd – Ends on June, 9th)

  • 1st Place - $5,000 Cash Prize

  • 2nd Place - $2,500 Cash Prize

  • 3rd Place - $1,500 Cash Prize

  • 4th Place - $750 Cash Prize

  • 5th Place - $500 Cash Prize

  • 6th-10th Place - $250 Cash Prize

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